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This is the Felwort (Gentianella amarella) flower and, if you move your mouse over the photo, you can see the Autumn Lady's-tresses (Spiranthes spiralis) flower.

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22 January 2008

This sign belongs to the local comprehensive school about a mile down the hill in Mitcheldean. We found it smothered by brambles during our work and took it back to the school. The school had lost the sign a few years before, probably due to high spirited youngsters at the end of term party!

The top of the heathland on the hill is relatively flat and well visited by motorist as it is just off the main road to Monmouth through the Forest of Dean.

If you move your mouse over the photo you can see another view of the area.

Edgehills Heath/Plump Hill

Grid Ref SO658155


Luckily, a mild and dry day to be out on the top of Plump Hill. Most of the hillside is Limestone heathland and we were clearing the bramble and gorse to provide better growing areas for the wild flowers. In particular, we could see the withered stems of Felwort which grows on the heathland and needs to be encouraged. Also. Autumn Lady's-tresses, a wild orchid, has been spotted on the hill.

The views across the River Severn and towards May Hill are spectacular from this hill, although the view of hundreds of dumped tyres, which the Forestry Commission have to clear at great expense, was not so good!


Plump Hill

School sign found!

Autumn Lady's-tresses (Spiranthes spiralis)


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