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21 December 2021

Horsepool Bottom Nature Reserve at Oakraven Field Centre

Grid Ref SO667167


Great Kensley Inclosure

There were two different sites for our team today. A small team went to Great Kensley Inclosure to plant hundreds of wildflowers. The other team went to Horsepool Bottom Nature Reserve to coppice and clear trees.

We were going to have our Christmas get together in Oakraven Field Centre but it was decided that it might not be a safe environment as Covid is still spreading fast. However, our rangers did provide us with scrumptious mince pies!

Horsepool Bottom

Having a good fire is always heart warming!


Coppicing team work!



Great Kensley Inclosure

We were being instructed as to the best places to plant the wildflower plugs which was mostly round the damp edges of the ponds.

We were planting Cuckoo flowers (also known as Lady's Smock), Ragged Robin and Trefoil.


This is one of the large lakes. The emormous area was cleared from a massive conifer plantation about 4 years ago. Then, a couple of years ago two lakes were dug here. The area is now heathland.