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21 December 2016

Darkhill Ironworks Nature Reserve

Grid Ref SO588087


It was a brisk, sunny day for us to be out at the Dark Hill Ironworks. There was more clearance of the site and there is a video below showing the contractors felling a large tree while the team watched on. A superb lunch of freshly home baked chicken pasties, sausage and vegetarian rolls, quiche and cakes were provided by one of our team who recently had a birthday.

After lunch, a group of us went to help our GWT Ranger round up the Hebridean sheep which were being moved to Stenders Quarry for the rest of the winter.










The team are relaxing after clearing a large glade to open up the area. Over the years we have changed this area from dense scrub to open heathland which is benefiting the reptiles enormously.






There have been 9 Hebridean sheep here for a few months and they are going to Stenders Quarry for the winter where a local team member lives nearby so that they can be fed supplementary feed.

It was a major task to catch them as they are very nervous and flighty. Luckily, they have horns so our GWT Ranger grabbed them one-by-one and hauled them over the fence to the trailer. Of course, the very last sheep decided to do a runner and whipped past the surrounding team back to the bottom of the site! We had to, gently, surround the sheep again and it was finally caught but the Ranger had to carry it all the way back up the hill - well done to him!