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21 November 2017

Wigpool FC/GWT Reserve

Grid Ref SO652195


Once again at Wigpool where the large team cleared out a massive area of birch. We found a song thrush nest which we left in the gorse as it could provide sanctuary for various creatures. The lake is still quite low and muddy and that could be because the drainage ditches leading into it are blocked.







One of the three large fires we had burning.





Song thrush nest (Turdus philomelos

The song thrush typically nests in forest with good undergrowth and nearby more open areas. 

The female song thrush builds a neat cup-shaped nest lined with mud and dry grass in a bush or tree. She lays four or five bright glossy blue eggs which are lightly spotted with black or purple.

The song thrush's characteristic song, with melodic phrases repeated twice or more, is described by the nineteenth-century British poet Robert Browning in his poem Home Thoughts, from Abroad:

That's the wise thrush;

he sings each song twice over,

Lest you should think he never could recapture

The first fine careless rapture!





Clearance is now obvious and wood piles were left.