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21 October 2014

Clearwell Meend

Grid Ref SO577080



We regularly visit Clearwell Meend to cut and rake the growth on the limestone escarpment to benefit the wild flowers. The village of Clearwell originated in Saxon times as a mining hamlet where iron ore was dug out of the surrounding limestone rock. This activity began in the Iron Age and expanded rapidly during the late Medieval period, reaching a peak in the 16th /17th centuries.





Sunny, breezy weather all day meant that we did not have a fire going to burn off the rakings so we piled them up in the neighbouring woods.





The team at rest by the log piles we had cut in the spring.





Okay... what's your opinion then?

These fungi were found on the Meend and, although they look simple to identify, opinion was mixed as to whether they are Wood mushrooms or Bonnet mushrooms!

Let us know....

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