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21 May 2013

Perry Hay

Grid Ref SO630113



There is an area at Perry Hay which has had deer fencing around it for many years. This area is 17.5 hectares in size so the length of the deer fencing is extensive. The area was originally used for growing conifers for timber production but when this was all cleared it was planted out with broadleaved trees. The fencing was erected to prevent deer damage to the young trees but the trees have now reached a considerable size. Most of the fencing is intact still although there were signs of damage caused during the years.

Our task was to remove the remaining fence as there had been cases of deer being caught in it.






We used fencing tools, hammers and cutting tools. We cut the fence at approximately 50 metre lengths. We then prised off the staples holding the fencing to the posts and rolled up the old fencing.





The backside of our Forest Ranger!

Laying out the fencing on the track proved to be the most effective way of rolling it up.





We rolled up about 20 of these which means that there is still a lot of fencing to remove.

A further trip to this site is probably needed to complete the job.

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