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21 March 2024

Water Project

Grid Ref SO 6209 1187


First of all, we had a walk and talk in the morning to see the transformation that is occurring for the new Beaver Enclosure. The fencing is nearly complete. Then we went to the large site at Foxes Bridge where we used loppers to cut down very small conifers to ensure that the wetland habitat remains and the crop trees do not regenerate.


We have also made brilliant progress on the Beaver Enclosure and thank you to those that have registered to help out with the Beaver Fence Inspections. We hope the Beavers will be here later in the Spring.

The streams have widened and created an ecological marshy area.

We have nearly finished all of the planting on the reach and the new areas have been scraped to create wet areas. We have also introduced aggregate to the channel to encourage the natural processes.