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21 March 2017

Lightmoor Colliery Colliery Tip

Grid Ref SO64501191


Our second trip to Lightmoor Colliery Tip to continue clearing down the steep sides and create butterfly corridors. We got caught in a snow/hail shower in the middle of the day!





The large tree in the middle is a Whitebeam which is an indicator of ancient woodland.

Whitebeam taxa (Sorbus spp.) are beautiful trees characterized by white-backed leaves, in the spring they produce white blossom and bright red/orange berries in the autumn. They can grow as trees and shrubs and are often found on rocky outcrops, open woodland and scree habitats. Unfortunately these habitats are becoming increasingly rare and almost all whitebeam taxa endemic to England are threatened.





A couple of young men came and asked our permission to use their mountain bike down the steep sides of the tip. It turned out that they were professionals who are paid by 'Dirt' magazine to test new mountain bikes. They said that the bike they were testing today was a cheap one – only 4 thousand pounds! They love their job and were very impressive shooting down the very steep hill.

We only let them play when they'd cut down the big tree on the right which was too steep for us to cope with!





Busy clearing another glade.