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21 February 2023

Dark Hill Iron Works

Grid Ref SO588087



We visited the area around Dark Hill Iron Works and Gorsty Knoll today. We were mostly clearing the old bracken to open up the ground for the wild flowers. We did see wild violets poking through.There has been a decline in the numbers of butterflies and glow worms in the area and their food sources need protection.

Clearing the bracken and brambles.

It was Shrove Tuesday and we were treated to pancakes with lemon and sugar. My apologies for taking this photo of the team stuffing their faces!

The site of an iron works and blast furnace were built during 1819. The furnace was abandoned by 1874 when most of the site was demolished for the construction of the Severn and Wye Valley railway embankment. The site was partially excavated in 1977 and backfilled in 1987. The remnants of the iron works include buried remains, some standing fabric and part of a tramwway