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21 February 2017

Edgehills Bog GWT Nature Reserve

Grid Ref SO660154



A very large group turned up today which is great as there is lots to do on Edgehills Bog. We split up and some of us continued with the birch clearance. Others went in search of old wire fencing and removed it. Others went round the whole perimeter fence to re-clip the top wire.






The Exmoor ponies were gathered around the pond and spent the whole day wandering around us to see what we were doing.

This is a mass of frog spawn which had been recently laid in the pond.





The high tensile top line of the fence had caused a problem by the deer jumping over and getting their hooves tangled between the top two layers. The second layer of the wire was lowered and stapled down which would, hopefully, solve this problem.

The reserve is extremely large so it took all day for teams to go around the fencing.







These two are actually in a ditch removing old wire fencing. There were areas on the reserve which has been fenced many years ago and the fencing was now dilapidated and rusty. Much of it had been buried under the surface and trees had grown through it. Now that we have the Exmoor ponies on the site, we would not wish them to get their hooves tangled in it.

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