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7 February 2012

Tidenham FC/GWT/RSPB Reserve

Grid Ref ST559994



Today, we were to carry on with the task of burning off some gorse. Luckily, we were more successful than we were a couple of weeks ago. Some of the team went to clear the willow around a pond and were reminising about the time they were waist deep in waders in this particular pond about 8 years ago!

In the afternoon, the Forest Ranger took us round the site to explain the habitat changes and plans for the future. We could clearly see the ridge and furrow markings which were originally dug when the Scots and Corcisan Pine were planted many years ago. Clumps of these trees still remain and will be left there for the birds to nest. There were old areas of burnt off gorse which has opened up the ground level to allow the grass and heather to establish.







Gorse burning sometimes goes like this but more often it fades away and we needed to cut the stems to encourage the fire.





This is a lovely pond but it had been smothered by surrounding willow which you can see has now been cut.






The team are watching the Exmoor ponies as they nibbled on the young gorse. In the summer, there are also Highland cattle on this site.

















































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