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20 November 2018

Clearwell Meend

Grid Ref SO580081


This was an annual clear up of the limestone escarpment at Clearwell Meend. The contractors had been in early to strim the grass and bracken so our team followed behind them with rakes to take off the cuttings. The limestone flora, especially the wild orchids, benefit from this process. Some of the team attacked the fast growing willow around the ponds at the top of the hill.

Raking is in progress!

Roaming sheep used to keep the grass down but after 2001 when the foot and mouth epidemic wiped out most of the sheep (up to 4000 in the forest), the number of sheep still roaming has been severely reduced especially in this area.







Looking down the escarpment.





This could be called hedge laying!

The willow has been cut and turned whilst still attached to its roots. This is next to the pond and the result will form a growing barrier against the feral boar..