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The weather became torrential rain as can be seen by the raindrops in the picture. However, the pond is now much more open and clearer,

We need to work on the other two ponds next time.

20 October 2009

The pond was not deep but it was very mucky so waders were required to venture in!

The pond is on the left and the darkness demonstrates how covered and overgrown it was.



Grid Ref SO588083


This was our first visit to the Ellwood site and we will have to go there again. The area has benefited from bracken and grass cutting but our task was to start on the clearance of a series of three old ponds. These ponds have been totally covered in willow and other old trees and could be barely seen. Nearby, there was a pond which had been cleared about three years ago and was now open to the elements and full of bullrushes.


Dark pond

Mucky pond

Wet pond


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