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20 September 2022

Staple Edge

Grid Ref SO 6362 0926

The team split into two today - one team worked on clearing the little wildlife pond - the other team continued with removing tree guards from the nearby enclosure.



The recent drought had virtually dried up the pond but that made clearing it rather easier!

There was a mass of vegetation growing in it and we, especially, tried to remove the Parrot Feather.

This is Parrot Feather which is an invasive plant in the pond and it was banned from sale after April 2014. in the UK.

It grows to such an extent that it can choke water bodies and out-compete native vegetation, blocking light and altering patterns of flow. It is mainly found in southern England but is spreading in the wild, possibly assisted by our warmer winters.



The team were removing the tree guards and the piles of discarded piles were collected for removal by a Forestry truck and trailer.

It was a delight to find Meadow Saffron in flower by the side of a track.

It is a late-blooming flower and is also known as 'Autumn crocus' or 'Naked ladies', Meadow saffron looks like a crocus, displaying similar pink flowers once its leaves have died back.

All parts of the plant are poisonous.