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20 April 2023

Forest Waters project

Grid Ref SO614120


It was a beautiful day! We were working with the Forest Water Project today deep in the forest from Beechenhurst. This was in the Forest Research Project Area where there are many water channels. We were building leaky dams in order to slow down the streams during flooding days.

The research project was planted in about 1986 and there are numbered posts dotted about. This was to indicate the plantings of Oak and Elder which were sourced from various different origins. All the trees are thriving.



The Rangers are doing their usual Health and Safety talk.

The piles of brush in this photo were used to bulk out the leaky dams. The yellow baler twine around them was removed as it is not degradable.

Stakes were hammered into the stream bottom to secure the brush.

We, eventually, built quite a few small dams. This is not just to hold back any flooding in the area but, also, to create small pools during the summer droughts.