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Highmeadow before felling
River Wye below the felling site
Ancient stump

20 March 2007

The last little tree left standing and the woodpile left for the wildlife!


Volunteers at work creating the glades.

Click on the photo to see an ancient stump .


The section to be felled is behind the Dean Green Team volunteers.

Click on the photo and you can see the River Wyet



Highmeadow Woods

Grid Ref SO568142

Highmeadow woods stretch from the view point at Symonds Yat down to the River Wye and is the haunt of the Peregrine Falcons. We travelled nearly as far as the river to clear half circular areas in the woodland for the Wood White butterfly. The valley was steep and south facing. There was an abundance of scraggy and half dead hazel, willow, sycamore and ash to be felled.






























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