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20 February 2024

Blakes Wood

We were in Blakes Wood very near to Stowfield Quarry. We were in a large glade where the small trees had been felled as this is a noted Orchid site. We removed the trees by pulling them into the surrounding woodland so that the area was cleared for the Orchids to grow.


This is the area we cleared. We were pleased to see an abundance of wild primroses growing.

This was the first time we had ever found a boar skull and it was probably from a young boar.
The current UK boar population is derived from captive animals that either escaped or were illegally released. An estimated 2,600 animals are now living wild in several breeding populations. The largest of these is in the Forest of Dean, but wild boar are also present in parts of South East and South West England, South East Wales and North West Scotland.

At the end of the day, the area is cleared with just a few small log piles left there.