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Overgrown ride!
The heathland
After clearance

20 February 2007

This is the fungi found on old dead wood

Click on the photo to see another view of the fungi

The ride has a lot of small birch cluttering it up on the right and many of the trees were deer and squirrel damaged.

Click on the photo and you can see the ride after clearance

The heathland looks quite clear of trees at the front but there were many sapling birches growing and quite a bit of leggy gorse which needed cutting back.

Click on the photo and you can see more of the heathland



Crabtree Hill FG/GWT Reserve

Grid Ref SO626128

Further work clearing birch along a ride to allow a more open area for butterflies and to expose the more mature trees. An interesting display of fungi was found on some fallen dead wood - any ideas as to it's name?

After lunch we went round the corner to an area on heathland that had been originally cleared some years before. This area is now showing signs of good regeneration with large swathes of heather. The team were cutting the small birch to keep the heathland low lying. Many little nest sites were found in the heather which were probably used by deer. This area is known for Nightjars in the spring.




































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