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20 January 2009

This is the den found amid the gorse and, although the droppings cannot be seen in the photo, they are similar to old wild boar droppings. Many little tracks radiated from this den through the gorse.

The extent of the site can now be seen stretching from the foreground to the top of the hill.


Grid Ref SO621076

The site at Oakenhill is now showing signs of returning to the heathland as we have cleared a great deal of the old gorse and small birch. It should be a very attractive site for nightjars and we have seen signs of deer and wild boar use. We found a den amongst the gorse and at first thought it was used by deer but the droppings are more appropriate to wild boar and the bracken had been beaten down to make a nest so we now think it is more probably caused by wild boar. See for identifying the field signs.


Oakenhill Wood


Cleared area



The gorse burnt well and a great deal of it was cleared






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