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19 December 2017

Horsepool Bottom Nature Reserve

Grid Ref SO667167


Snow is still lying on the ground a week after the first major snowfall of the winter. Most of the forest had been impassable the previous week for days as over a foot of snow had fallen in one night! However, we visited Horsepool Bottom Nature Reserve where we were clearing large trees around the pond. The snow had brought many trees down all over the forest and masses of fallen branches had cracked off.

This was also our last day out before Christmas and we were treated to a sumptious meal by our regular rangers.






Cracked branches were gathered to feed the fires.






It is not often that we get a chance to enjoy lunch indoors!

Our rangers had prepared venison stew and leek and potato soup followed by mince pies - very much appreciated!





The area covered by snow in this photo is, in fact, the pond.

For the last couple of years the pond has dried up and it would seem that a pipe further up the hill is blocked. Now that we have removed the large trees surrounding the pond, the pipe will be unblocked and the pond could be revived. There used to be Great Crested Newts in it.