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19 November 2013

Lord's Wood, The Doward

Grid Ref SO547156



This site contains some rare species of Sorbus. Our task was to remove all the conifers which were growing near some of the identified Sorbus to allow for unimpeded growth for the Sorbus. We had done a similar job to this in the spring and were delighted with the news that some of the Sorbus had flowered this summer which meant that seeds could be collected from them. The seeds were then sent to the Millennium Seed Bank at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew. This provided the data to identify three new species of Sorbus in this area.The Lower Wye Valley is the second most diverse site for Sorbus in the British Isles. It occurs on Carboniferous Limestone cliffs and cliff edges in open, deciduous woodland.

An area at the top of the track was also cleared as the sun regularly shines on this area all day so it is very good for butterflies.





The tree marked on the right by a red tape was one of the Sorbus we wished to keep whilst we opened up the undergrowth.

The autumn colours around the forest this year are absolutely glorious!





Meg, the dog, is hiding in the undergrowth and the sun is shining through!





This is the top of the track where, originally, we were only going to take back the trees for about 2 metres but the sunshine convinced us to go further to allow a more open area for the butterflies.

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