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19 October 2010

Break time!
Work continues at cutting the branches in order to fuel the fire!

This shows the open part of the site and we are pushing back the undergrowth on the right hand side of the photo..

Clearwell Meend

Grid Ref SO581087

Clearwell Meend is 42 acres of bracken, gorse, heather,scrub/woodland,acid grassland,calcareous grassland, marsh and ponds. It lies mostly over drybrook sandstone and whitehead limestone on the western part. There are 89 species of plants including nationally scarce and locally important autumn gentian and lousewort. Other notable plants are harebells,autumn lady's- tresses,carline thistle,salad burnett. There are glow-worms on this site and until recently small pearl-bordered fritillary butterflies.

We continued clearing around the edges and burnt off the brush wood.




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