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19 September 2023

Linear Park

Grid Ref SO 6462 1262

The team split into two on this very rainy and windy day although we were sheltered in the trees.

A few of the team wnet to the wild flower reserve to plant many Dog Violet plants.

The rest of us went deep into the trees where a contractor had cut down quite a few trees. This area is criss-crossed with many small ditches and our task was to fill these ditches with the branches and logs from the felled timber creating leaky dams.

We did this work back in the 29th March 2022


The piles of branches and logs are filling the ditch by one of last year's dams.

September is very much funghi season and we found this Puffball. Puffballs are a type of fungus featuring a ball-shaped fruit body that (when mature) bursts on contact or impact, releasing a cloud of dust-like spores into the surrounding area.

This old tree supports Bracken Fungus (Polypore).
Most polypores inhabit tree trunks or branches consuming the wood. Polypores and the related corticioid fungi are the most important agents of wood decay, playing a very significant role in nutrient cycling and aiding carbon dioxide absorption by forest ecosystems.