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19 September 2017

Shakemantle Quarry

Grid Ref SO651113


Our visit to Shakemantle Quarry was blessed by a beautiful, sunny September day. The fast growing conifers and birch needed removing and we scoured the site to remove rubbish especially the remains of countless broken bottles!

This quarry has been disused since the early 1970s. The famous Forest of Dean 'Monocline' or 'Monolift' which is a tremendous fault that upends the strata in this area can be seen here where the quarrying exposed it to view. Also near by was the site of the Shakemantle Iron Mine operated up until approx 1910 by the Crawshay Family of South Wales.







Preparation is starting to ignite the fire!






Bags of rubbish are piled up and were removed later in the day. This is only about a fifth of the bags we eventually collected. We also found the remains of a washing machine - how, on earth, did that get there???





This is the view from the top of the quarry with the team seated below at lunchtime..





An unexpected find!

This Slow Worm was under a pile of rubbish so, after photographing it, we covered it up with enough natural debris to keep it warm.