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This stump was covered in fungi so we left it as it was



The site after clearing showing the expanse of the pond through to the trees in the distance and the amount of sun now visible.



The site before clearing showing the willow

This week we were again clearing an ancient pond near Edge End. This is the time of year for pond clearances as they are not yet flooded with the winter rains even though some of the members of the team were wearing waders and others in wellington boots as it was quite boggy. This old pond was on one of the ancient routes through the forest and was reputably used as a watering hole for horses. During the day we saw Emperor and Southern Hawker dragonflies as it was still a relatively warm day for the time of year. There were bilberry bushes growing on the little island in the pond and we saw blue tits, goldcrest, siskins, ravens and a buzzard. Many of the birds appeared as we were finishing off the brush cuttting, probably because we stirred up the insects.

19 September, 2006

Edge End, Kingspool

Grid Ref SO592127







Edge End pond before clearing


Edge End pond after clearing


Stump with fungi


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