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19 April 2016

Greathough Brook, Piano Corner

Grid Ref SO621154


The Dean Green Team did a survey of the plants, trees, animals and birds at Greathough Brook, Piano Corner in preparation for the Beaver project. We found an amazing 40 different species of plants evidence of 6 types of animals 15 types of birds seen or heard 1 fungi 9 different types of trees.

It is hoped that we can have fencing around the brook to keep Beavers there. This is planned as a scheme to stem the flow of the brook and alleviate the flooding down to Lydbrook





Some of the team checking the plants on the steeper side of the brook. We looked at both sides of the brook which is running quite fast and has very clear water.





There was quite a lot of knowledge regarding wild flowers and plants within the team but it is always best to consult the book!





The brook eventually meanders along a wider stretch onf the valley and we were checking for frog or toad spawn but did not find any. The tree marked with a red dot is due to be felled.





These are our results and we think that they show how diverse the wildlife is here.




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