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22 January 2019

Tidenham Chase - The Park

Grid Ref ST558992


Another good day weatherwise with a sprinkling of snow in the afternoon. We continued with the birch removal and had 4 large fires so the team were split up over the area. Our ranger worked very hard with his chain saw as did his assistant who was spraying herbicide on the stumps. The team cut and dragged the branches to the fires.

The Park is a very large area and the parts of it that we had helped to clear of the birch to re-store the heathland in recent years is looking very good. This time we are clearing another large area where the mulching machine had been through to make wide tracks. However, this still meant that there were a great many birch trees to remove and burn off.

This is an overhead map of the Park at Tidenham and the red areas are where the birch is being reduced.Today, we were in the bottom area and cleared 0.25 hectares.







Lighting one of the first fires.





As usual, we were a large team which is excellent for such a massive area to clear.