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The lake has been augmented by the fishermen with a neat array of straw bales.They are endeavouring to solve the algae problem by the application of straw bales strategically located.The straw bales attract fish fry and insect larvae by the thousand, and the hungry fish regularly patrol them.

19 February 2008

This little waterfall was totally covered in laurel and could not be seen previously. It should now be a better habitat for stream loving wildlife.

The laurel can be seen to cover the area in all directions. Not only does it create more sunlight for the forest floor when we clear the laurel, but it also exposes some very good, mature trees.



Grid Ref SO584023


This was a return visit to continue removing the invasive laurel. We reached as far as a previously hidden waterfall and we created an access track from the old canal to the lake through the laurel bringing much needed daylight to the undergrowth. In the afternoon, a small group of us went to find an Ice House which had been created in the 19th century and was totally smothered by the laurel..


Clanna Laurel

Clanna waterfall

Clanna Lake


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