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!9 January 2016

Mugglewort Wood,Flaxley Woods

Grid Ref SO687157


We had never been here before and it was a long drive through the woods to reach the site. It was a beautiful deep valley with a stream along the bottom but was overgrown with bramble and small trees so we had been asked to open up the glade as the sun usually shone over it and that would benefit the butterflies, birds and flora.





As you can see, there was a heavy frost when we started work (-2 degrees) but the sun gradually moved down the hillside.






It was not long before we got the fires started and the frost disappeared. The steepness of the site and the slippery conditions meant that quite a few of us slipped down onto our bottoms!





The vista across the valley is now open and provides a gorgeous view.

Moseley Green

Grid Ref SO637088


On the same day there was this alternative site for a few members of the team to continue the clearing over the old ant hills.

This site is crucial for the Small Pearl Bordered Fritillay which has been in decline over the country so the efforts here are vital for their recovery.






They also had a very frosty day and all were raking frozen grass from frozen ant hills!


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