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18 December 2018

Horsepool Bottom Nature Reserve at Oakraven Field Centre

Grid Ref SO667167


Our Christmas lunch was at Oakraven Field Centre but, first, we were all out in the pouring rain to do some work in Horsepool Bottom Nature reserve. We cut and created brush hedges alongside the lane. The pond at the bottom of the site is, at last, full of water whereas, last year, it had been a soggy mess. A stream coming down from Plump Hill had been blocked but is now open so we are hoping that the newts will return to the pond.

This enormous tree had fallen a while ago and is very popular for children who visit the site to scramble over so we cleared the mass of bramble smothering it.







Inside the hall at Oakraven.

We had a very good presentation from an expert about the Pine Marten project. It is planned that, next year, 60 Pine Martens will be released in the forest. They are expected to link up with the Pine Martens currently in the west of Wales over the next 30 years. Many questions were asked by the team and we were assured that the Pine Martens are not likely to raid many young birds but they will have a good effect on reducing the squirrel population.





We were treated to a very tasty venison stew which was cooked by our Rangers and leek and potato soup for the veggies followed by fruit pies and custard!

Many thanks to the Rangers for this.

One of our Rangers came round with her laptop to show us the footage of the beavers in action at Greathough Brook.