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18 November 2008

Gorse burns very easily and, as there was so much, it was better to burn it away rather than to leave it to rot

At the start of the day the large gorse bushes can be seen but we soon had them down!

Crabtree Hill FC/GWT Reserve

Grid Ref SO630127

The area over Crabtree Hill is one of the largest areas of heathland in the Forest of Dean. The heather is abundant and we spent the day removing large patches of gorse to allow the heather to spread further. It was glorious weather and enjoyable work. We were led by Kevin Caster, the Gloucester Wildlife Trust Reserve Manager for the Forest of Dean.


Gorse to be cut!


Gorse fire burning


Root killer!

Kevin is dabbing the exposed stumps of the cut gorse with an industrial strength root killer which we hope will prevent them from re-growing.






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