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18 February 2020

Poor's Allotment GWT Reserve

Grid Ref ST560990



It was a wet and blustery day at Poor's Allotment but a large team came out as usual regardless of the weather! Storm Dennis had hit the country over the weekend and caused massive flooding everywhere. The Forest of Dean was particularly affected as we are surrounded by the River Severn and the River Wye so many of the roads were closed due to the flooding. Luckily, Poor's Allotment is on high ground.





We were clearing birch across the heathland. In some places we left small copses of mature birch to stand.





This was a treat!

Our GWT Ranger provided us all with home made cakes which were delicious.





This is not near to Poor's Allotment but it is included to demonstrate tjhe effect of the flooding on the River Wye.

This is Biblins Bridge on the River Wye - there's usually at least a 20 foot gap down to the river!