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17 December 2013

Darkhill Iron Works

Grid Ref SO588087



We were at this site to clear and burn the branches from the trees which were being cut by contractors. This is an archaeological site and the plan is to remove the trees so that excavation work can commence to dig down into the old brickworks which lie beneath and see what restoration could be done. In the process, it also opens up the site to maintain it's former heathland status which will benefit the butterflies, lizards and adders.







The team are wearing their new hard caps and posing by the table which displayed a delicious Christmas cake kindly made and decorated by Sue.

A bow saw and loppers are apt decoration!





Beneath these trees lie the ruins of the old brickworks. About fifty percent of the trees were removed.





The fires were burnt on the side of the track which did not have ancient ruins beneath them and the boys are tending the fire as it burns away.

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