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We met at the Darkhill Ironworks pond to continue the clearing of the pond which used to supply the water to the Ironworks when it was a thriving business. The Ironworks are now in ruins but an interesting site as they were pioneers in the development of self hardening steel invented by Robert Mushet. We always seem to visit this site on wet, dank, miserable days and find the name Darkhill most appropriate! However, we had a good bonfire going and cleared a good area.
Darkhill Ironworks


This shows the clearance we made on the site and this area will soon be filled with water after the winter rains.



Spot the frog found on this site!


The bonfire burning the old wood. We often burn off the wood so that the site will be left tidy and we notify the fire brigade that we will be burning.

17 October, 2006

Darkhill Ironworks Pond

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