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17 May 2016

Linear Park

Grid Ref SO650126


The Dean Green Team did a survey of the plants, trees, animals and birds at Linear Park. We were particularly searching for Common Dog-violets which are the food source for the increasingly rare Small Pearl-bordered Fritillary. We did find quite a few along the edges of the small stream by the main track.

Linear Park is currently under the management of the Forest of Dean District Council but it is likely to be handed back to the Forestry Commision.





The team are being briefed about where to look and what to find on each side of the track.





The Common Dog-violet is a low to short plant. Leaves heart shaped, long stalked. Flowers deep bluish-purple 14 to 25 mm and not scented. Spur rather stout, whitish or pale purple, often upcurved, notched or furrowed towards the tip.





These are our results and we think that they show how diverse the wildlife is here.




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