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17 January 2012

Darkhill Iron Works

Grid Ref SO588087



Continuing the butterfly corridor work near Darkhill Iron Works at Milkwall. The temperature at the start of the day was -6 degrees but it soon warmed up! A large team came out to assist and some members cleared quite large trees and shrub, building a good fire to burn it off, whilst other members were raking back the dead bracken on the heath to allow room for young plants to grow and spread.







This is the Dean Green Team at the start of the day with all our dogs!





Dense shrub and trees have been cleared opening up a vista towards the south.






The heathland has been raked. We are hoping that violets and heather will spread through the bracken as these are the food plants for small pearl-bordered fritillaries, grizzled and dingy skipper butterflies.

















































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