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16 December 2014

Clearwell Meend

Grid Ref SO577080


This was our last outing for 2014 as we have a couple of weeks off over Christmas. Our forest ranger kindly provided us with hot leek and potato or tomato soup and mince pies - yummy! There was a large turnout of members of the team and this meant that we could clear a vast amount on the site opening it up for more grassland.






A perfect day for this time of year.

Brilliant sunshine which soon melted off the frost on the ground.





Raking the cut bracken away from the ground in the hope that wild flowers would have a chance to flourish.





Resting near the fire after the contractors had used their chain saws to cut down a lot of trees.

We heard a massive explosion from the quarry which is about 2 miles away.





Hubble bubble with the cauldron!

Heating up the soup.

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