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At the end of the day the coppice is cleared but will soon re-grow in the spring.


04 November 2008

This shows the density of the hazel as we started work.


Lancaut/Ban-Y-Gor Wood GWT Reserve

Grid Ref ST539966

This time at the Lancaut reserve we were to coppice the hazel grove where the Dormice live. It is necessary to coppice the hazel so that it will re-grow and provide fresh young sprigs for the Dormice to feed on. There had been about 50 Dormice boxes put up for them to nest in and we found an old nest in number 47 so there had been a Dormouse in the area in the summer. The Dormice will migrate to a cold den, probably under the root systems of the hazel, during the winter for their hibernation.

In Britain this small mammal is known as the 'common dormouse' but a more appropriate name would be the hazel dormouse. The animal's scientific name, Muscardinus avellanarius (The Common Dormouse), shows the deep connection with the hazel tree whose scientific name is(Corylus avellana).

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Start of work


Dormouse nest

This is the remains of the dormouse nest found in box number 47. There is old honeysuckle lining the nest.


Cleared coppice







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