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16 October 2018

Woorgreen and Crabtree Hill GWT Nature Reserve

Grid Ref SO625128


The team were on their third visit to the heathland at Crabtree Hill to tackle the invasive birch. Gloucester Wildlife Trust has fenced 30 acres in order to keep the Exmoor ponies and the English Longhorns on the site as they will do a good conservation job for us but the young birch needs to be controlled manually.

We also burnt off the piles of cut birch as we moved around the area and have completed a vast stretch of clearance so the vista is expansive and the gorse is in bloom.


Our ranger followed us around as we were cutting with his herbicide spray which should stop the birch from re-growing but many of the stumps were hidden in the dense gorse!

We had quite a few small fires burning.

We, also, did the regular check under the corrugated sheetings for reptiles and amphibians.

We were delighted to find this baby slowworm under one of the sheets. It was very small.

It has been disappointing that we have not found any adders or grass snakes so far this year under the sheets but we have confimed reports of adders basking in the sun in the area a few weeks ago.