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This area was virtually impassable before the team started work on it and is now open enough to encourage wildlife to use it.

16 October 2007

Common Laurel ( Prunus laurocerasus)

A very common large shrub often forming huge dense thickets, and as an understorey in planted woodland. Native to SW Asia (around the Black Sea etc.) and the eastern Balkans; introduced to England and now a nuisance in many places. The leaves are thick and laurel-like, poisonous with cyanide, the white flowers are produced on upright spikes and are succeeded in autumn by blackish cherry-like fruits which should not be eaten.

This is part of the man made canal at the side of the Laurel wood.


Grid Ref SO584023

A good return to Clanna to continue clearing the invasive Laurel trees. These trees are so invasive that absolutely nothing can grow under or amid them and neither will any wildlife be seen.The weather was good to start with but the afternoon became very wet however we persevered. The area over run by Laurel is adjacent to a man made canal and ponds.

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