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16 July 2019


Grid Ref SO624118

We usually work at the Arboretum on the first Thursday in the month but we were asked to come back today as a massive branch had fallen off a large Oak tree. It was too hot and dry for us to burn the debris so we used an FC truck to transport it all out into the nearby forest. There was also a large pile of old branches to clear from the previous trees which had been felled due to disease.

This is the debris from just one branch!

The Oak was not actually in the Arboretum but just outside the fence. We think that years of rain collecting in the cusp of the branch had finally rotted it through.

The remains of the branch attachment which was about 15 feet aboive ground.

This was a Witch Hazel which had been monitored for a while and looked very poorly. It was decided to take it down to the ground and hope that it would re-generate.