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16 June 2009

We found these empty bird's nests. We are not sure which bird built the smaller nest but are fairly sure that a song thrush might have built the larger one as it is lined with compacted dirt.

This rhododendron was left to continue flowering as there were a lot of bees searching for its nectar. If you move your mouse over the image a cleared area can be seen.


Oakhill, Tidenham Chase

Grid Ref SO564007


This was one of our summer outings and involved clearing the rampaging rhododendrons. It seems a shame to remove these shrubs, especially when they are in flower but they take over the woods so badly that native wild plants can no longer flourish. There are so many of them in these woods that we can only deal with the worst of them which does leave many left to brighten up the area in the summer!


Oakhill Woods














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