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16 March 2010

We found this Fallow Deer antler on the site.

The fallow is the only British deer with palmate antlers which grow on bucks over 3 years old and increase in size with age, up to 70cm long.

The extant species of fallow deer found in Britain was introduced by the Normans in the 10th century although some would suggest that the Romans attempted to introduce it here much earlier.




Edgehills Bog Nature Reserve

Grid Ref SO660154

This was a fine, clear and sunny day and we were to remove all the small birch, oak and large gorse which was a pleasant task. We saw a Brimstone butterfly and found a fallow deer antler.

Edgehills Bog is half a mile north of Cinderford, at the eastern edge of Haywood Plantation. The site, held by agreement with the Forestry Commission since 1987, lies along the crest of the eastern boundary ridge of the Forest of Dean, about 850ft. above seal level on Drybrook sandstone. The reserve is a relic of a once widespread habitat, for much of the large Edgehills Bog was enclosed and planted with Oak around 1780; the remainder was coniferised about forty years ago. The site was cleared of fire-damaged conifers in the early 1980s, since when a typical wet heath community has re-established itself. Drainage ditches run along the eastern and western boundaries; plantations lie to the north and south. Free-roaming Sheep graze the site. The reserve is remote and difficult to find, there being no direct tracks or rides.

Purple Moor-grass, Sphagnum moss and rushes dominate the wetter, boggy areas, along with Common Cotton-grass, Marsh Violet and Carnation Sedge. The drier parts contain Heather, Bilberry, Heath Milkwort, Lousewort, Sheep’s-bit and Heath Groundsel, indicating the acid soil conditions. Gorse, Foxglove and Bramble are also present, with Silver Birch scrub, Scots Pine and Larch spreading in from the adjacent woodland.


Fallow deer antler


This is a video of us at work, or rather, coming to rest for a coffee break!


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