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16 February 2023

Forest Waters project

Grid Ref SO 6362 0926


We were working with the Forest Water Project today doing the Riparian Zone Restoration plan. This means that we were planting about over 500 willow sticks which will hopefully grow alongside the stream. We had a buzzard zooming over us for quite a while!

Riparian-zone restoration is the ecological restoration of riparian-zone habitats of streams, rivers, springs, lakes, floodplains, and other hydrologic ecologies. A riparian zone or riparian area is the interface between land and a river or stream.



This is the map of Perry Hay brook. It is about half a mile past Mallards Pike lake to the north.

We carried the Willow sticks in the bags and inserted them alongside the brook.

This is the bottom end of the brook. Contractors had cleared many trees alongside the brook.