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May Hill and Cannop Ponds


16 February 2017

May Hill - National Trust

Grid Ref SO690221


We spent the morning pulling out last year's cut branches from under the bramble! Then we had a good fire to burn it off which left the ride open to flourish as a woodland pasture. This is the third year into a ten year project to re-establish the woodland pasture.



On the way up the hill we found this horse which was in the woodland pasture where it is not supposed to be!

One of the other horses had already made an escape through the gate we had opened for it so it was a matter of encouring this horse to join it.

He was a magnificent animal!






After lunch, we all trekked up to the top of the hill to check on the five Galloway cattle there and to see the view.

Cannop Ponds

Grid Ref S0669115

A small group went to Cannop Ponds bridge marsh to clear the alder growing across the footpath trail which we do every 4 - 5 years.

(Click here to see 22 Nov 2011

and here to see 18 Sep 2007)

Grid Ref S0669115


This footpath track crosses the ponds and the area to the left is marshy so the wildfowl use it for nesting.

The Alder is about 5 years old .





Cutting the Alder and removing it.




All cleared although, at this time of year, the track is quite boggy!