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The team were split into two groups on this day between Staunton Meend and Mallards Pike


16 February 2016

Staunton Meend

Grid Ref SO543123



We do an annual trip to this site and the removal of the birch has made the heathland an outstanding vista. There were many, small, regenerating birch trees popping up and we had the opportunity to use a new tool called a Tree Popper which has been designed in direct response to the need for eradicating invasive woody weeds, the Tree Popper is a robust, uncomplicated tool which can be used by one person with a simple concept of leverage. This meant that we could lever the birch out with it's roots.







Some of us were engaged in raking up the bracken which had been cut in the autumn.




However, there was a short stretch of dry stone walling which needed to be repaired and these two stalwarts were keen to have a go!




The expanse of the heathland is impressive now.


16 February 2016

Mallards Pike/Moseley Green

Grid Ref SO637088






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