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16 January 2018

Foxes Bridge Colliery Tip

Grid Ref SO638136


A day out to clear the small trees around the lake at Foxes Bridge Colliery. This is to connect up the butterfly corridor along from Linear Park. There have been reasonable recordings of butterflies and, in particular, dragonflies around this lake.

We found a makeshift shelter made up of an old blue tarpaulin in the woods below. It was surrounded by old broken bottles, tin cans and general rubbish which we cleared up and took away. Messy!

The lake is man made and sited below the old slag heap which is visble on the right and covered by conifers.

Foxes Bridge Colliery closed in 1931.







The lake is a peculiar shape and, when asked what it is actually called, the reply was that it did not have an official name and was commonly called 'the odd shaped lake near to the water works'!

We call it the Foxes Bridge Colliery lake though!





We had some good sunshine during the day.

This photo was taken at the start of the day so all the trees along the side of the lake track have now been removed.