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16 January 2007

Further down the valley is a small waterfall where the Greathough Brook runs. This brook was searched for signs of otters during the teams otter watch period although no spraint was found.
After clearing the bank is actually quite stony and sandy and will attract birds and butterflies.

This shows the bank on the right before clearing which is south facing and an ideal site for the Woodwhite butterfly.



Greathough Brook, Piano Corner

Grid Ref SO622164

This is a paricularly pretty area of the Forest where the brook runs through the valley to eventually reach the River Lyd and onto the River Wye. There is a lot of willow and alder in the marshy area near the brook which had to be cleared and a few more visits will be required. Most of the team were clearing the high banks alongside the track of small birch and gorse in preparation for the Woodwhite butterflies.

The road at the entrance to this site is locally called Piano Corner and there is some debate as to how it got this name. It sweeps round sharply up a bend towards the Pludds and could give the impression of a grand piano. However, the more favoured explanation is that a piano dropped off the back of a horse and cart whilst being transported up there. Maybe that is true!




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