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15 November 2016

Tidenham Chase GWT Nature Reserve

Grid Ref ST558992


We regularly go to Tidenham Chase and this was our first visit since last year. The site is enormous so there is always plenty of young birch to remove. We were joined by a trustee and the volunteer coordinator from the Gloustershire Wildlife Trust who explained their volunteering agreement and how the trustees organise the GWT with their various expertise levels. It is good to have our efforts acknowledged and they worked well with our group.







Although this photo looks like it was a murky day, there had been a fine mist over the River Severn which is a couple of miles below this site and the tide was extremely high. This week, the moon is at its nearest to earth for over 70 years and is very large with an enchanting aura around it. We are lucky in the forest to be able to see it without obtrusive street lights.





We found this beautiful fungus and think that it is a Trametes versicolor, known as a Turkeytail fungus which can be found all through the year, but it is most obvious in the winter months when deciduous trees are bare. This very variable fungus grows mainly on dead hardwood, including stumps and standing dead trees as well as fallen branches. 




There is a herd of Highland Cattle and a flock of sheep in the reserve and we heard mooing whilst working here. The young calf (above) was calling to his Mum (left)!