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15 October 2013

Darkhill Iron Works

Grid Ref SO588087



A return to this site as the sweet chestnut trees we had coppiced about three years ago have re-grown to a height of about six feet. They were now shading out the heather and wild violet plants which are needed by the butterflies. We cut them all down and built a 'dead' hedge of the brush along the side of site - no fires today! Some of the team cleared another glade where the sunshine shone through.







This shows the height of the chestnut trees as we started to coppice them again in the brilliant sunshine.





A chance for a rest and this was in the same place as the view from the image above but, now, the glade is open again.

After we had left, one of our membetrs who had stayed at the site saw a wild boar here and he was scrubbing about in the exposed turf.





The 'dead' hedge can be seen along the left and bottom of the image and the sunshine shows how well the site would now suit the adders and lizards.

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